RUB Research School's International Realisation Budget (IRB) granted to Jens Rettkowksi

07.03.2016 - Diana Göhringer

Jens Rettkowski receives International Realisation Budget (IRB) grant of RUB Research School

EU-Project Tulipp has started

19.02.2016 - Daniela Horn

At the beginning of February, the EU-project "TU­LIPP: Towards Ubi­qui­tous Low-power Image Pro­ces­sing Plat­forms" has started

ReConFig Best Paper Award

18.12.2015 - Daniela Horn

The contribution of Jens Rettkowski, Andrew Boutros and Prof. Diana Göhringer to this year's ReConFig received the Best Paper Award.

ICECS Top 10 Paper

18.12.2015 - Daniela Horn

The MCA research group is pleased about the good result at the 22nd International Conference on Electronics, Circuits, and Systems

Jens Rettkowski and David Gburek finalists in Xilinx Design Contest

23.10.2015 - Daniela Horn

Jens Rettkowski and David Gburek became finalists of this year’s Xilinx Design Contest.

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