Application-Specific Multi-Core Architectures (MCA) Group

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The Application-Specific Multi-Core Architectures (MCA) Group investigates novel approaches for the design and the efficient programming of application-specific multi-core architectures consisting of several processors and hardware accelerators, such as field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), digital signal processors (DSPs) or graphics processing units (GPUs)). These heterogenenpus multi-core architectures can achieve a good tradeoff between performance and energy consumption and therefore a high energy efficiency by executing the tasks of the application on the most suitable processing element. Due to their energy efficiency these heterogeneous multi-core systems are frequently deployed in both embedded as well as high performance computing systems. Typical application domains are e.g., signal-/image processing, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), Industry 4.0 or robotics. The researh themes of the MCA group are amongst others: runtime adaptive networks-on-Chip (NoCs) and memory hierarchies for multi-core architectures, methods and algorithms for application parallelisation, simulators and virtual plattforms for application- and architecture exploration, hardware/software co-design and runtime management (operating systems and virtualisation).